Monday, 2 December 2013

Literary Clothing

I've previously mentioned in other gift guides places to buy literature related clothing, and I've just found another one to add to the list:- The Affair. This company takes a more abstract approach rather than bog-standard book covers printed on t-shirts.

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George Orwell, Animal Farm

The t-shirts retail for £29.90, which is quite responsible considering that they only produced in small runs. Also at the moment they're doing a really good deal of 3 mystery t-shirts for £44.8

If these aren't your style, but you still fancy some novel clobber, have a browse on these sites:-
  • TruffleShuffle: for Roald Dahl, Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter t-shirts and hoodies
  • Out of Print Clothing: literature related apparel, bags and accessories- I can't decide if my favourite is the 1984 t-shirt, or the Great Gatsby jumper. If you want to buy Out of Print Clothing in the UK have a look on amazon
  • The Literary Gift Company: so many great titles to choose from, including children and adults books
  • Litograph: These are really clever, the entire book it printed on the t-shirt with an illustration. For example Bullfinch's mythology is illustrated with a picture of Medusa. 
  • Skreened: 'I party with Jay Gatsby' is my favourite t-shirt slogan, they also have Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mocking Bird and The Perks of Being a Wallflower items.
  • Red Molotov. This Atticus Finch one is my favourite.
  • Rupert and Buckley. This t-shirts include funny literary puns, 'Annoy me and you'll get the Bronte of my sisters', 'I'm no plain Jane I'm Austentatious! 


  1. YAY! We're Rupert and Buckley! We are sooooo happy you like our tees! They are soooo good right? hehe we were in tears of laughter when forming the idea!

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