Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Wrest Park

Wrest Park, flowers, English Heritage

Home to the De Grey family for more than 700 years, Wrest Park is currently undergoing an intensive restoration plan by English Heritage. The project is expected to take 20 years and was started in August 2011, so most of the house is off limits, but the gardens are spectacular.
red flowers

The French style ch√Ęteau was built in 1830's by Thomas Earl de Grey a politician and first Lord of the Admiralty (not to be confused with Charles Earl of Grey of tea fame). The house remained in the family until 1917, when the 9th Baron Lucas, a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps was killed in action.  

Wrest Park, English Heritage, flowers, sunflowers, visit

Wrest Park, building, urn, gardens, English Heritage, visit


Wrest Park, statue, English Heritage, visit, De Grey

garden, England, Wrest Park, English Heritage, visit

I don't really know much about gardens, but from what I'v read the 90 acres of West Park feature French, Dutch, Italian and English Style gardens. So if you're into that kind of thing or want to learn more about the evolution of garden styles in England you should give the property a visit.

Wrest Park, stately home, De Grey family, blue sky, English Heritage

statues, muse, Wrest Park, Amber Finch, Visit
spot the odd one out

Wrest Park, visit, statues, circle, English Heritage, garden

Through out the ground there are lots of hidey holes. You could have an epic game of hide and seek here, or just bring a picnic.
Chinese pagoda, garden, Wrest Park, visit

This bridge looks picturesque, but the stream underneath was really stagnant- I hope EH are planning on improving that in their 20 year plan.  
Bridge, lake, Wrest Park, garden, visit, English Heritage
 Ladies lake and Long Lake have recently been refilled with water.
Long Lake, Wrest Park, English Heritage, visit
Long Lake at Wrest Park 

Directly opposite the main house is the Archer's Pavilion. It is three stories high, with an underground kitchen, bedrooms and a dining/ reception room on the first floor and servants quarters in the attic. The De Grey family would use the house for entertaining or, for having a revitalising nap after a days hunting.  If I lived at Wrest Park I'd turn the lodge into the ultimate book nook, it would make a lovely secluded place to read and I'd keep the kitchens in case I got peckish.
Archer's Pavilion, Wrest Park, English Heritage, visit, garden
The Archer's Pavilion

Archer's Pavilion, dome, Wrest Park, English Heritage

 It takes about 20-30 minuets to walk from the Archer's Pavilion back up to the main house.
De Grey, English Heritage, Wrest Park, long lake, garden, visit

orangery, Wrest Park, garden, Visit, English Heritage
The Orangery 
I'd like to visit Wrest Park again, I think it'll be really pretty in autumn when the leaves start changing colour. I don't think we explored half of the garden either, as it was raining on and off for the entire day, I'm sure there's lots more to discover.

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