Friday, 15 November 2013

Gifts for Writers

Sorry, I've been a bit quiet this past few weeks, but I'm back (yay!) and here to help with some present suggestions as it's not long now until Christmas (double yay!).

I'm intending to do a whole series of present ideas, and first up is gifts for writers:-

1. Write Brooch. (£14.99 from here)

2. Vintage Typewriter, typewriters make beautiful home decoration (or you could write your first novel on one). Ebay  is a good place to start, with typewriters going for about £30, charity shops and carboot sales are also good places to go hunting.

picture taken from pintrest 

3. 'I could have been a novel' notebook (£6.99 from here)

4. Typewriter Print (£12.78 from here)

5. Working Fountain Pen Necklace ($30.00 from here) 

6. Scrabble Ring (£0.99 from here) as they're so cheap you could buy a few, have your initials or maybe 'write' or 'type' go across your knuckles.

loads more ideas after the cut......

7. 'unreliable narrator' T-shirt (£14.95 from here)

8. 'write your own story' Quote on Dictionary Page (£5.11 from here)

9. Character Writing Map (£4.50 from here) inspire and encourage creativity with these writing  exercises

10. The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within, Stephen Fry (£5.75 from here)

11. 'Write drunk, edit sober' Print (£19.95 from here)
12. Ex Libris (£13.45 from here) game of first and last words. Perfect alternative to charades this Christmas.

Other ideas for presents can be found here. If you've got any suggestions of what you'll be buying the writer in your life, I'd love to hear, post your ideas in the comments below or ping me an email!

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