Sunday, 24 March 2013

Currently Reading

Kindle have a spring sale on at the moment, and though it's slim pickings I have downloaded a couple of bits that caught my interest. These goodies were all less than a pound:

  • Lawless, Matt Bondurant. I was a fan of the recent film adaptation, and as usually I think books are better I'm going to give this a go. 
  • The Little Friend, Donna Tart. I've read this before, but it was library copy so for 99p I thought I might as well download my own copy. It is a while since I read it, so I can't quite remember what happens, it's about a girl who's brother is murdered when they are both children. 
  • Alex, Adam J Nicolai. When I got this yesterday it was free, which is the only really reason I downloaded it really. From the product description it looks to be about a father grieving for his dead son.
Oh dear,  looks like I've gone for a bit of a theme. Two books on dead children, slightly macabre.

I also downloaded a free sample of A Lady cyclist's Guide to Kashgar, Suzanne Joinson. I've heard good things about it, but I wanted to give it a try myself before splurging a whole £4.99.   

*disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Amazon, and all books have been purchased by me, with my own money

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