Tuesday, 15 October 2013

DIY quotes display

When I read, I love to collect quotes, I've trying to think of the best way to display my favourite quotes whilst updating my home d├ęcor. Here's a couple of ideas:-

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quotes wall display incorporating postcards and pictures. 
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quotes bunting 
Both ideas are dead simple to do- I'm not arty at all. All you need is to print out a collection of your favourite quotes and slip them into some cardboard frames (I got mine from artbox, but you could DIY). You can then can either bluetack them onto the wall or string them up using some twine and mini pegs. 

When printing out your quotes why not play around with font and colour? dafont has loads of fonts that are available to download for free, it's my latest obsession. 

If you need some quote inspiration check out my quotes from books tag.

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