Friday, 18 October 2013

James W. P. Campbell & Will Pryce - The Library: A World History

I'm starting my Christmas wishlist already with James W. P. Campbell and Will Pryce's The Library: A World History. (ISBN:  978-0500342886). The images in this book in look absolutely stunning, and are guaranteed to give you wanderlust.  

The Tripitaka Koreana at the Haeinsa Temple in South Korea. image taken from here. I used to live in South Korea- such a missed opportunity that I didn't visit!
 George Peabody Library, Baltimore
The book is a little bit pricey (£38.99 currently on Amzon) but would make a fabulous gift for a bibliophile

edit: just like to point out that the fabulous photographer Will Pryce took all of these stunning pictures. 


  1. So pleased you like our book. And it is 'our' book. I'm Will Pryce, the photographer who took all the photos and officially it's officially by both of us. James doesn't know one end of an camera from the other, bless him.

    1. Hello Will- your photos are stunning! I'll edit this post so you get proper credit as well.