Friday, 5 April 2013

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As I'm sure you are aware Game of Thrones is back on tv- YAY! So I am currently re-reading A Storm of Swords: 1.Steel and Snow, purely so I can annoy everyone around me by yelling, 'That didn't happen in the book!" at the tv.
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Couldn't resist buying the box set, though they are so chunky the kindle version might have been a better  idea. 

Actually, the HBO adaptation, it pretty faithful to the original and if you're a fan of the show I strongly suggest you pick up a copy of George R R Martin's series. In the summer last year, I saw loads of people on the train reading the books, they obviously had withdrawal symptoms after then end of the last tv series and the start of this one.

I will do a proper review of A Song of Ice and Fire soon. I really want to talk about how many strong female characters this series has. It's fantastic to have such a range of women represented instead of just a token one, round of applause for George R R Martin!

I'm also reading some Lisbon guide books. I'm off on holiday in about a month, and at the moment we have no accommodation and no plan.

 Previously when I've been travelling I've always relied on Lonely Planet, as they have lots of budget options, however when I went to the library the other day they didn't have any copies. I quite the DK Eyewitness guides, they have lots of pictures which I find good inspiration. Also they include maps and walking routes, which will be really helpful as my sense of direction is appalling.

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Lisbon, Eyewitness Travel, ISBN: 978-1-4053-2649-0

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