Monday, 15 April 2013

Currently Reading

I've semi-abandoned Ransom for the time being. I had a 5 hour train journey at the weekend and I wanted something a little bit less demanding, so I picked up The Winter Palace by Eva Stachniak, kindly lent to my mum by one of her friends.
ISBN- 978-055277-789-8
I have a secret fondness for historical fiction. It's not the most respected of genres, but a good bodice ripper can give a clear feeling of an era, even if it short on actual facts.

The Winter Palace is all about the court of Elizaveta (Elizabeth) Petrovna, Empress of Russia and predecessor to Catherine the Great. It is full of court intrigue and told from the point of Barbara an imperial spy.  I'm nearly at the end, and will give a full review when I'm finished. 

Has anyone else read The Winter Palace? What did you think? 

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