Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Lynn Voedisch- The God's Wife

I was going to wait until I'd finished this book before reviewing- as I think that's fair, but I can't. The God's Wife is just so poor. I've read some pretty rubbish books (*ahem* Alex) but this defeated me, thank god I didn't actually spend any money on it as I got it on a kindle freebie.
The Plot: Rebecca has just been the awarded the lead in her dance company's upcoming performance, but her random fainting spells, and preoccupation with dreams about ancient Egypt are jeopardizing her role and her relationships. Neferet, princess of Egypt and priestess has been married to the god Amun, a privileged position, but also dangerous. Her mother, half brother and incestuous brother/lover all wish to exploit her favoured position.

Lynn Voedisch really needs to go and make an offering to Seshest, (ancient Egyption goddess of literature) because this novel is appalling.  Racist undertones and misogyny all feature in the modern parts of the book. The plot is clich├ęd, dull and poorly written.

Definitely give this one a miss.


  1. I absolutely do not want to read this book

    1. yeah I really won't recommend it- perhaps give The Dead Women of Juarez a try instead?