Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wrest Park Library

Wrest Park, library, books, bookshelf, English Heritage

Though most of the rooms at Wrest Park are currently out of bounds, luckily the library is accessible and  full of lots of lovely, musty books.
Wrest Park, Library, Stately Home

After visiting Wimpole I  really appreciate how much time and effort it takes to care for and maintain a library of this size. 
Wrest Park, Library, bookshelf, vintage, candlestick
Lady Henrietta was the bibliophile of the family and the sitting room is furnished how it would have looked during her lifetime 
Wrest Park, Library, books, sitting room, English Heritage

Henrietta's portrait can be seen just outside the entrance to the library 

Encyclopedia Britannica, books, vintage, spine
Every stately house I've ever been in always contains copies of Encyclopedia Britannica. I suppose the spines look nice but I wonder if anyone has ever actually read them? 
vintage, old, book

Wrest Park library bookshelves

vintage books

One more small tip if you're thinking about visiting Wrest Park- you might want to eat your sandwich in the car, they seem to have an infestation of very persistent, aggressive wasps at the moment. 

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