Tuesday, 31 March 2015

what I've read this month (March)

Time for my monthly round up:-

  1. Lloyd Jones, Mister Pip 
  2. Kitty Hart-Moxon, Return to Auschwitz  (non-fiction)
  3. Jackie Collins, Sinners 
  4. Mary Roach, Stiff  (non-fiction)
  5. George R.R Martin Game of Thrones (re-read)
  6. Paula Hawkins, The Girl on a Train 
mini review under the cut:-
Without a doubt the greatest book I read this month (in fact, the best book I've read this year so far) was The Girl on the Train. It  was just fabulous and deserves all the comparisons to Gone Girl. It is such a tense, well-written thriller, I really like this new trend for difficult, and often unlike-able female protagonists in this genre, which has been to heavily dominated by James Bond/Jack Reacher type men. The women in these novels are both the victim, and (anti)hero and the morality of these novels is far more ambiguous than maverick men  seeking revenge. 

I've read two non-fiction book this month (Yay! Go me!). Return to Auschwitz which was unsurprisingly horrific, and Stiff  an accessible pop-science book about cadavers. I didn't enjoy Stiff quite as much as Gulp, the other Mary Roach that I've read. However, it was still a humorous and informative book, definitely one to read if you are planning to donate your body to medical science when you're gone. 
Mister Pip and Sinner fall into the category of average, lucky I haven't read a real howler this month.


I thought I'd reviewed more of these books than I had....turns out I have several partial reviews in my draft folder that I need to finish off. 

I've been rather slack on blogging for the past 3 months, I just haven't had the time to post as regularly as I'd like and I feel the quality of my posts haven't really been up to scratch. It makes me feel quite guilty and anxious - which is daft really as this is supposed to be a hobby, that I do mainly for myself. I need to put less pressure on myself, but still, I'd like to say thanks, thank you for still reading this blog despite my irregular and shoddy posting. I'm going to attempt to step it up a gear, without stressing myself out. 

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