Thursday, 5 March 2015

World Book Day

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Happy world book day! Sadly, I'm far too old to receive world book tokens, but I still remember dressing up when I was at primary school, I went as Red Riding Hood. I've just seen some rather depressing news that a lad in Manchester was sent home from school for his 50 Shades of Gray costume. He's only 11, so I have no idea what his mum was thinking.

If you are small enough to receive tokens I've got a couple of suggestions of where to spend them:-

1. Patrick Ness, The Chaos Walking Trilogy  (YA- age 12+)

Full review here. Original and fast-paced. This series is ideal for both boys and girls, and would be fantastic for reluctant readers. Plus it has great crossover appeal, it was enjoyed by me (age 27) and my mum (52)

2.  Babette Cole Princess Smartypants (early years)

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Indoctrinate your little ones early with this feminist picture book! Princess Smartypants is an independent woman who just wants to ride her motorbike and live in peace with her pets, but first she has to get rid of her suitors.

3. Jill Murphy, The Worst Witch (ages 6-8)
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Even before Harry Potter I was obsessed with witches. Mildred Hubble in the worst witch in the school, clumsy and always in trouble, she is easy to identify with. Plus the black and white illustrations are beautiful. 

4. Errol Lloyd Many Rivers to Cross (8-10)
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The heroine of this novel, Sandra is inspiring because of her bravely and resilience. She moves from Jamaica to Britain and faces many challenges including racism and culture shock. A very important and insightful book that I can remember in great detail 15 or so years later, it really does stay with you. 

5. John Burningham, Avocado Baby (early years)

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I can't eat an avocado without thinking of this book. The Hargraves want their baby to grow up big and strong, but unfortunate he is a picky eater. This picture book is silly, fun and a real winner with little people. 

If you need further inspiration, BookTrust has extensive lists. 

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