Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Books about Town

Throughout the summer The National Literacy Trust  has worked in conjunction with Wild in Art  to display illustrated, book shaped benches around London. Today, the benches are been auctioned off to raise money for the Trust's work to improve literacy in the UK. 

James Bond - Ian Fleming
Artist: Freyja Dean 

As I don't have a spare couple of thousand, unfortunately I won't be buying one. However I have gathered together a list of my favourites. 

To see my top 5, take a look under the jump:-

5) Jeeves and Wooster stories, P.G Wodehouse
Artist: Gordon Allum

4) War Horse, Michel Morpurgo 
Artist: Rae Smith (original illustration), created by Gerard Strong  

3) Mary Poppins, P. L Travers
 Artist: Darel Seow 

2) Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carrol 
Artist: Ralph Steadman 

1) Nineteen Eight-Four, George Orwell
Artist: Thomas Dowdeswell

The Full listings can be found on Books about Town, and all photo credit goes to this site.

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