Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Highgate Cemetery- east

Unlike the west side, which is only accessible by a tour, you are free to wander around the east side of the cemetery by your self. The west is more modern, and some of the gravestones are inventive and unusual.

Patrick Caulfield: artist
There are a number of notable literary figures buried at Highgate 
Douglas Adams- writer of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I don't why I can't flip this picture the right way up- I lost my patience in the end.

While we were paying our respects George there were some really badly mannered tourists clambering all over her grave. Yes, the site is a 'tourist attraction', but a level of respect should still be shown for the deceased. I think it is inappropriate to be talking loudly, horsing around and definitely bang out of order to actually climb or sit on the graves. The cemetery is still operational, and people do come to mourn their relatives, and people should be aware of this and act accordingly. Anyway, rant over. 

Jeremy Beadle- I remember him as a slightly alarming TV presenter on a candid camera show. I didn't know he was a writer. Watch out Beadle's about!

This was my favourite grave (yeah I know weird thing to say) but I just thought it was really witty. The front looks like a traditional Penguin book cover, the side has birth and death dates and says 'The Final Chapter'.
(Again- sorry but I couldn't get the picture the right way)
Jim Staford Horn- avid reader


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