Saturday, 31 May 2014

what I've read this month (May)

I've been a bit of a reading slump this month and haven're felt very inspired by most of the books on this list.

Luckily after reading a fair few kindle sample, I found a couple of new books that have sparked my interest and that I'm looking forward to reading the full versions of.

May's book list:

1. Irvine Welsh, Filth
2. James W. Nichol, Transgression: A Novel of Love and War (45% of the way through and then abandoned)  
3. Liz Jensen, The Uninvited 
4. Helen Oyeyemi, The Icarus Girl
5. Martina Cole, Two Woman 
6. Nathan Filer, The Shock of the Fall
7. A whole heap of kindle samples -
  • Nnedi Okorafor, Who Fears Death
  • Russell Hoban, Riddley Walker
  • Krys Lee, Drifting House
  • Wesley Chu, The Lives of Tao
  • Eliza Victoria, A Bottle of Storm Clouds
  • Andrew Vu, Halfkinds Volume 1: Contact  
  • Nnedi Okorafor, Lagoon 
  • Holly Black, The Coldest Girl in Cold Town 
8. Dave Eggers, The Circle
9. Andrea Eames, White Shadow  
Worst of the month was Two Women (even though I finished it, unlike Transgression) it was on of those books that you just feel slightly soiled after reading. 

The Icarus Girl gets the award for most disappointing, I had high expectations and whilst the novel as some good ideas it is let down by the execution.    

Prize for most original goes to Filth and the narrating tapeworm.

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