Sunday, 19 May 2013

Currently Reading- We, The Drowned

I bought We, The Drowned for my holiday, I didn't get much chance to actually read it though as my week was so full on. I've made some progress now, I'm about half way through, so hopefully a full review will be up in a couple of weeks (it's a pretty long book).

I hope you appreciate the picture, it took me forever to learn to make those paper boats, but I suppose I've learnt a new skill! 

The book cover is really striking, I like how the stylised sea forms a porthole around the ship. 
Carsten Jensen- We, The Drowned
 If you're going on holiday to somewhere with a port or history of seafaring I'd recommend you pick this up. Or, if you're interested in Denmark, this would be a good read, as the story is located in a small Danish coastal town. 

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