Thursday, 9 May 2013

Gifts for Tea Drinkers

Following on from my post from yesterday, and because I'am undoubtedly still in birthday mode I have a few suggestions of what to buy for the big tea drinker in your life:-

It would be lovely to take that special person out for afternoon tea. A lot of the famous hotels in London do this, but I'm sure you'd be able to find somewhere local. Most places you need to book in advance and some offer gift vouchers. It is a quintessentially British activity and would be a real treat. Tea at The Ritz ranges in price from £47- 67 per person.

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picture credit: The Ritz website 
Or, if you budget is restricted, why not host a fancy tea yourself? The Ritz is certainly out of my price range.  Scones and sandwiches are easy to make and I'm sure the birthday girl/boy will appreciate your efforts.


Teapots, cups and cake stands make a pretty and long lasting gift (providing the recipient is not clumsy- I'm looking at you Big Sis).
Emma Bridgewater 
list, gift, present, tea drinkers, ideas, cuppa, birthday, Christmas, suggestions, drink,
Debhanams  £23.00

 Charity shops and ebay are also good places to look. I think it looks quite chic to have mismatched tea sets and I like a slightly granny aesthetic.

Novel teas, from Bag Ladies Teas, these teabags are individually tagged with quotes from literature. Well, it's always good to have something to read while you're having a cuppa.

Matcha green tea. I read a review of this tea here and I'm been desperate to try some, as it is described as a super hero in a mug.

 I know it might seem like a bit of an odd gift, but it is rather expensive so it might not be the sort of thing someone would buy for themselves. Also if it is miraculous has it claims to be you are really giving the gift of a better body and a more positive outlook not just a box of powdered tea leaves.

Tea Horse is a website worth a visit. It has a good selection of teas and accessories. The taster boxes would make a really good present, as they introduce people to new and unusual flavours
Taster tea box from Tea horse 

Proclaim your love of tea with these posters

I hope you found theses suggestions helpful. Have you spotted any tea related items that would make great gifts? Let me know in the comments below

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