Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Presents for readers

Today is my birthday (yay!), and as I will be jollying around Lisbon this is a scheduled post of suggestions for presents for bibliophiles:-

How about a good book? hahaha pretty obvious, but why not? If you're stuck for ideas, have a look at my recent reviews and see what I did/didn't enjoy. Another useful place to look is goodreads which has a massive archive of reviews. Alternatively go out there and get some human contact, your local bookseller will have loads of recommendations. 
Currently on my wishlist are:-
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  1. The People of Forever are not Afraid- Shani Boianjiu. A coming of age novel about young women doing their national service in Israel 
  2.  We, The Drowned- Carsten Jensen. A literary voyage about a crew of Danish sailors in 1848 
  3. The Lost Books of the Odyssey-Zachary Mason. Continuing my current hobby for Greek epics. 
  4. Far From the Tree- Andrew Solomon. Non-fiction, examining genetics and parenting     
Ok if a book is too obvious or you're not sure what the person you're buying for has read, I have plenty of other suggestions after the cut....

Ampersand Necklace

The prettiest of punctuation in a necklace, ideal for readers & writers. Can be bought here 

Book cover posters. These can be bought in a couple of different places, including allposters, popartuk and bookishdesigns. They are perfect for adoring the walls of your personal library, or any other room. A few years back I bought my sister a Gone with the Wind poster which looks really striking in her kitchen. Book posters are an interesting talking point. 

I fancy this one (though technically it's from the film, not the book):-

and this one:-
I am really excited about the film release of The Great Gatsby. There are loads of cute Gatsby related goodies out there. Etsy has some cracking t-shirts and jumpers. I really want to get one of these to wear to cinema when I go to watch the film (or is that a bit sad?) 

There are also some lovely Great Gatsby book cover posters that can be purchased at the above sites. I've also got my eye on the special editions of F.Scott Fitzgerald's novels. The covers have been designed by 

Coralie Bickford-Smith, they are simple but they have art deco glamour. 

The orange Penguin book covers are iconic. I'm a big fan of all the mugs, cushions etc. you can buy that have  adapted these designs. My particular favourite is the Lost Girl D.H Lawrence range.
So appropriate for me 
I have no sense of direction, travel a lot and love to read, so these are they perfect gifts for me (hint hint). The Lost Girl cover design is available on travel card holders, luggage tags, passport cases, keyrings and water bottles. I want them all! they can be bought here  

The Literary Gift Company is awesome if you are buying for readers or budding writers. It has literature related jewellery, home ware, clothing, bags and other tempting delights. 

I think the paperback perfume, sounds really interesting and original. Though I haven't smelt it I can't vouch for how is smells or if it actually does manage to capture the lovely smell of old paper.      

I also like the look of all the stationary which includes book journals and notebooks. 
I love a good pun and these pencils are only 50p
My next suggestion is expensive, but would make an incredible present. A customised print of your favourite books, which can be bought here 
copyright Jane Mount 
These are amazing, and I need to save up and buy one. It would be really hard to limit my choice to 10 books though. If a customised painting is beyond you reach, there is a book in which famous cultural figures talk about there ideal bookshelf and inspirations with illustrations by Jane Mount. It would be a fantastic coffee table book for literature lovers. 

Another suggestion of where to buy clothing that will be appreciated by bibliophiles is Out of Print Clothing. This 1984 t-shirt really appeals to me
Big Brother is watching 
 I think I'll stop at lucky number 7 as hopefully this has given you some present ideas. I'd defiantly recommend having a good look on  Etsy and The Literary Gift Company, as you're sure to find a gift that'll satisfy a keen reader that isn't a book token. 

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