Monday, 27 May 2013

Wimpole Estate & Farm- Grounds and Gardens

To make the most of the sunshine and a national holiday, today we visited Wimpole Estate and Farm. it is a National Trust property just outside Cambridge.

Wimpole Estate and Farm, Cambridge, National Trust, England Visit, grass, building, old sunshine, day trip, bank holiday
The back of the main house at Wimpole. 

 It seemed lots of other families had the same bright idea, as the grounds were full of people happily munching picnics and laying on the grass soaking up the sun.

 We took our own picnic with us, Though there is a team rooms,  a restaurant and an ice ream van at the property.  I  had a sandwich of feta, green pesto and sun-dried tomatoes on spelt bread. Spelt bread is a good alternative if you are wheat/gluten intolerant by the way.  I took along my current book, Tupac Shakur- The Rose that Grew from Concrete.  I should be putting up a review in the next couple of days. 
picnic, England, rug, sandwich, Tupac, poetry, reading in sunshine
A very British Picnic- sandwiches, crisps and gangster rap
 If you forget to bring a book with you to Wimpole and fancy having a read whilst lounging on the grass, There is a well stocked second hand bookshop. It has a bit of everything, books on local history and contemporary classics such as Being Jordan by Katie Price.   

National trust, Wimpole Estate, UK, England, visit, day trip, money box, book shop, second hand
They're very trusting at the National Trust 

National trust, Wimpole Estate, UK, England, visit, day trip, book shop, second hand

Outside I saw some very Game of Thrones-esque statues. My sister rolled her eyes when I mentioned this, I seem to be relating everything to the series at the moment.  

National trust, Wimpole Estate, UK, England, visit, day trip, stag, house Baratheon, game of thrones, statue, Ours is the fury, GoT, house sigil, coat of arms
The stag of House Baratheon - Ours is the Fury 

Everyone at work now thinks I'm a massive geek, as I happened to mention that I like to loiter on Game of Thrones/ A Song of Ice and Fire forums and discuss conspiracy theories about Jon Snow's parentage (my bet's on Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen).   
National trust, Wimpole Estate, UK, England, visit, day trip, stag, house Baratheon, game of thrones, statue, Lion, Lannister, hear us roar, song of ice and fire  GoT, house sigil, coat of arms
The Lion of House Lannister- Hear us Roar!

British countryside in all it's glory 

pink dress, sister, purple flowers, Wimpole estate, grounds, gardens, national trust, day drip, family outing, hedge, summer, visit
The gardens at Wimpole are just beginning to bloom 
The estate is surrounded by fields and has a working farm, with a petting zoo which is great for young children. Last time she came, my little sister got rammed by a crazed sheep- she swears it's eye dilated with rage before it went for her.

walled garden, gage, doorway, old, Wimpole estate, Uk, England, national tust, iron work, skill, swirls, visit
Gate to the walled garden at Wimpole
 A first we couldn't work out what weapon this man was using to batter the other bloke- I thought it was barbecue tongs, until my dad pointed out it is a jaw bone. The statue actually represents Samson, killing someone with  a donkey jaw, according to legend he murdered over 100,000 people this way.

Samson, jawbone, 1000 people dead, Wimpole Estate, gardens, house, historical, Cambridge, visit, national trust

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